New Short Course on Assessing Capability

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The good Drs. Herb Koplowitz (of Terra Firma Management Consulting) and Glenn Mehltretter (of PeopleFit) announced that they will be putting on a short course in Toronto to help people assess individual’s level of capability (Capability of Information Processing or CIP in RO parlance).

We are presenting Glenn’s training, I on October 21, 22, 24 (Friday, Saturday, Monday) for those who work with individuals up to Stratum VII1 or who need to distinguish candidates capable up to Stratum VII. The course is designed for participants capable at least at Stratum IV; I would be pleased to help anyone who has questions about whether the course would be appropriate for them. Experience in using Requisite Organization as a manager or consultant is very helpful but not necessary. Arrangements can be made before the course begins for those who need some briefing on the theory to gain the most benefit from the training.

The course is being offered in Toronto at C$2,000 + GST, significantly below its usual price in the States. (At an additional price, Glenn also offers certification in ability to rate interviewees’ level of capability.) The course is limited to ten people to ensure sufficient personal attention. As soon as I have ten, I will close off registration. I’ll get back to you with specific times of day and location.

Read the complete invitation to the Interview Techniques for Assessing Raw Talent course.

Great course at a great price. Very highly recommended.

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