While Waiting For My Role Based Access Control Piece, Why Not Look At Some Classic Requisite Readings?

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I was composing a short piece on how the lack of requisite-ness within organizations makes implementation of Role-Based Access Control systems almost impossible. It turned ugly, partly because those who understand RBAC don’t know RO and vice versa. So expect a forthcoming piece.

Actually, I’ve had one in the works for over two years, based on a piece that I wrote explaining RBAC to a business audience. For whatever reason, perhaps because of my ambivalence about my IT security career, I’ve never posted it or finished it.

While you’re waiting, how about taking in some Classic Forrest?

  • Does RO Work Over the Weekend?“: the post that started a firestorm in my sixth month of reading Jaques as an unemployed consultant. I’m not sure that I would formulate the question the same nowadays, but it’s still relevant. I’ve personally seen a coaching client go from depressively suicidal to bringing his entire community up and out after going from a Str5 in a Str2 role to a Str5 making a Str4 role, in about a week. Say two to get the bad feelings flushed out fully.
  • RO and Project Costing & Staffing“: I still think that I haven’t begun to flesh this out. Barry Deane of PeopleFit Australia has been saying that we’ll sit down and talk about his ideas on this one day, but we got majorly sidetracked by something or other at the Global Org. Design Society conference.
  • “Elliott Jaques” or “Why the hell hasn’t anyone ever told me about Elliott Jaques!?”: My first reaction to finally scoring a copy of a Jaques book (Executive Leadership with Stephen Clement) after reading Jerry Harvey’s How Come Every Time I Get Stabbed in the Back My Fingerprints Are on the Knife?: And Other Meditations on Management. If anyone knows the good professor, tell him a mighty thanks from this writer. Actually, this paragraph is longer than the post, but there are some comments.

You’ll want to also take a spin through Al’s recent posts, if you haven’t already. I think it’s high time that The Manasclerk Company provide you the opportunity to purchase his book, too. More on that later — I’ve got to convince Al first.

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