Great Holiday, Great Interview

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I spent the last couple of weeks decompressing in Belgium with my wife (and our .5 child), at the invitation of some friends. Besides learning that I have been working way too many hours every week at work that hurts, I had an amazing interview with Luc Hoebeke in Bierbeek, a professors’ community of sorts outside of Leuven.

Luc, of course, is one of the folks who likes Elliott Jaques’s work but also strongly disagrees with Requisite Organization stuff. Timeframes, yes: enforced hierarchy, no. He’s also heavily influenced by the Viable Systems Theory of Stafford Beer.

We had a ranging conversation covering many things. I’m still digesting it (I pretty much just provided stupid questions to keep him talking for three hours, and he filled my head to overflowing) but have committed to writing up a summary immediately after getting my stuff for the GO Society book done.

So expect more. I’ve fallen on some of this lately, simply because I have been burning my candle at both ends and from the middle. But he had some important things to say, including about intellectual property rights, which are worth discussing.

Al should join back in on this.

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