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Besides a new appointment at the Computation Institute at the University of Chicago, I’ve been busy trying to get my mind wrapped around Warren Kinston’s materials. And parent a colicky baby, of course.

Current reading list (for my tracking purposes):

  • Warren Kinson, 1994. Strengthening the Management Culture (available as a PDF download from the GO Society). The Sigma Centre, London.
  • Robb, Fenton F. 1987. “Correspondence: A Comment on ‘Measurement and the Structure of Scientific Analysis’ by Warren Kinston”. Systems Research, 4(2): 147-149.
  • Kinston, Warren. 1988. “A Total Framework for Inquiry”. Systems Research, 5(1): 9-25.
  • Shum, Simon Buckingham. 1996. “Design Argumentation as Design Rationale”. In The Encyclopedia of Computer Science and Technology, A. Kent and J. G. Williams, (Eds.). New York: Marcel Dekker, Inc.
  • Kinston, Warren. 1985. “Measurement and the Structure of Scientific Analysis”. Systems Research, 2(2): 95-104. Written while at Brunel.
  • Conklin, E. Jeffrey; Ellis, Clarence; Offermann, Lynn; Poltrock, Steve; Selvin, Albert; and Grudin, Jonathan. [undated] “Towards an Ecological Theory of Sustainable Knowledge Networks“. Touchstone Consulting Group.
  • Burt, Robert S. 1998. “The Network Structure of Social Capital”. 1998 Oct 17 draft.
  • Strømsø, Helge I. and BrÃ¥ten, Ivar. 2003. “Epistemological Beliefs and Implicit Theories of Intelligence Among Norwegian Post-Secondary Students”. Paper presented at the 10th European Conference for Research on Learning and Instruction, Padova, Italy, August 2003.
  • Algie, J.; Mallen, G.; Foster, W. 1983. “Financial Cutback Decisions by Priority Scaling”. Journal of Management Studies, 20(2): 233-261.
  • Kinston, Warren and Algie, Jimmy. 1989. “Seven Distinctive Paths of Decision and Action”. Systems Research, 6(2): 117-132. Written while at Brunel.
  • Bernstein, Lawrence. “Software Quality Architecture”. In Software Engineering, ed. Selby, Richard W. IEEE Computer Society. 1-20.
  • (Kinston, Warren). 1986 (?). Stronger Political Management in Local Government: A Guide for Councillors and Top Officers. Political Management Programme, Brunel University.
  • Kinston, Warren. 1983. “Pluralism in the Organisation of Health Services Research”. Social science & medicine, 17(5): 299-313.
  • Davis, Murray S. 1971. “That’s Interesting! Towards a Phenomenology of Sociology and a Sociology of Phenomenology“. Philosophy of the Social Sciences, 1: 309-344 (modified).
  • Gordon, Ray. 2005. “Knowledge Management or Management of Knowledge? Why People Interested in Knowledge Management Need to Consider Foucault and the Construct of Power”. TAMARA: Journal for Critical Post Modern Organization.
  • Foster, Ian; Kesselman, Carl; Tuecke, Steven. 2001. “The Anatomy of the Grid: Enabling Scalable Virtual Organizations”. International Journal of Supercomputing Applications (from Foster: missing pub data)
  • Simonton, Dean Keith. 2006. “Presidential IQ, Openness, Intellectual Brilliance, and Leadership: Estimates and Correlations for 42 U.S. Chief Executives”. Political Psychology, 27(4): 511-526.
  • Vaughn, William R. 2007. Relational Databases. Addison Wesley.
  • Kinston, Warren. 1988. “A Total Framework for Inquiry”. >cite>Systems Research, 5(1): 9-25.
  • Foster, Ian. 2005. “Service-Oriented Science”. Science 308(5723): 814-817 (2005 May 6).
  • Kinston, Warren. 1995. Working With Values: Software of the Mind. The SIGMA Centre: London.

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