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I’ve joined a new company run by Warren Kinston to bring his voluminous set intellectual tools to a broader audience. We had been talking since the end of the Toronto conference and decided that it was a good time to pull the trigger on the startup. For a good idea of what we will be bringing out (in a more interactive format), check out Strengthening the Management Culture, Kinston’s book from the 1994. Strengthening puts the seven approaches to decision-making. As Warren explains:

The approaches were clarified during research on decision-making initiated over 20 [now 30] years ago by Jimmy Algie, and subsequently developed collaboratively with myself…..

Our seminar exercises asked managers to use different approaches on the same problem. This revealed that the approach explained decisions and results far more than the particular individual using the approach.

This research also indicated that most people have the potential to use all of the approaches — even if one or two seem at first to be incomprehensible or even objectionable.

The book is currently available for free as a PDF from the GO Society’s online books collection.

I’m excited and feel that this effort will extend the original levels works to a greater audience.

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  1. Hay Forrest — Super.

    I had the good fortune to have time with Warren at this years GO conference. I was impressed enough to buy his “Working With Values: Software of the mind”

    I wish you the best in your association.


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