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Crises Are Times of Opportunity

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The chickens have come to roost, as my grandfather used to say. The insane practices around bundling loans that never should have been made, along with our own greed, have led to a massive crisis internationally. I was first warned of this a year ago by some Australian investors but it’s still shocking to see how much damage can be done.

That said, crises are often a great opportunity for Hidden High Potentials. (And for Machiavellian personalities who use fear to gather more power: something to keep in mind.) You might be able to get something happening now when others can’t, because the world now needs people who can see past this current situation.

Paradoxically, those of you who have been living austerely will be able to move more than those who haven’t hit that wall yet.

It’s odd: during good times, people tend to look at high potentials as a threat. In a crisis, they turn to them for leadership. (I’ve written about this happening in a day-to-day way, too.)

What type of opportunities do you see?

Image Credit: Chickens resting on a hot day. (c) normanack (CC BY 2.0).

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  1. This is an opportunity to establish new global standards for global transactions. Especially in Finance, Accountancy and Banking.

    Let me explain. I get very fed up with folk who think that organisations that work outside their own country are ‘international’. Well, they may be. But often they are just multi-domestics, doing the same thing as they do at home but in a different setting. So, they take their home standards and set them down elsewhere.

    These organisations are different in complexity to those which are international, and who work transculturally. These are different again from those that are transnational, and who establish leadership in different disciplines and faculties in the place of greatest expertise. And the key issue now is that none of these organisations will be able to develop global solutions to the emerging global problems: finance, food, climate change etc.

    So, the big opportunity is to create a forum of highly capable people who can work with the developers of the global systems and governance arrangements. (In European terms, by highly capable I mean those at level 7. As you may know, I still seek evidence as to the capabilities of folk above that level. But that is not important here.)

    So, the big opportunity is to create a forum. Lets call it the Magna Carta Forum because that would give it a global platform on legal, governance, human rights, commerce issues etc.

  2. Post

    Interesting point, Jack. It will have to have political support at some point, which will require a deeper crisis than what we have, I think. Keep me posted on how this going as you develop it.

    On Level 7, I recommend that you sit down with Warren sometime when you are both in the UK. I think that he can show you what you are on to.

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