Wilfred Brown film series: Excerpt

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I’ve been talking about how Wilfred Brown, management (heck, all-round) genius, made this series of films in the 1970s. Here’s an excerpt I pulled from the first film:

This gives you a flavor of the series. Yes, it’s a bit boring but this was an educational film from thirty-five years ago. (Craddock alternatively says “1974” and “1965-70”.) It’s certainly better than many I’ve been forced to watch, and the information is fascinating, especially when you know that Brown actually implemented these ideas at Glacier Metal Company.

You can request a copy of the complete film series on DVD from the GO Society in Toronto for a small fee. Unfortunately, they didn’t spring for anything other than transfer to DVD, so you don’t have the control over episodes with chapters that we’ve all come to expect on DVD. I still think it’s worth it.

Plus you get to hear Mr. Brown say “hear-ar-ky” a lot.

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