Podcast update: Jack Fallow interview

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The Manasclerk Company, along with the Secret Rules of Career Success, is adding a podcast called “The Killer App”. Yesterday I added an interview with Jack Fallow. It’s something you will want to hear.

Jack was founder Chairman of GasForce, a company created when its employees bought out the group from British Gas. Yes, an employee-owned company that followed the Glacier Metal Company model. In their six years of independent trading, GasForce grew shareholder value by over 2500%. The average initial investment was £6 000 or so, which means that after six years those average employee investors had £150 000. Obviously, they did something right.

Jack is interesting all around — he started working as a union secretary at 17, a story he tells and has even been a drummer in a band — so this is just one section of the interesting things he has to say. I hope to get him talking again to delve deeper into faith and work.

Also part of the set will be my conversation with Luc Hoebeke and several of the old articles cleaned up and focused.

Once I get a starter set going (I want 10-20) I will be putting them on iTunes and the Conversation Network. You’ll be the first to know.

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