US Jobless Rates Still Increasing

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Okies in the Great Depression. From Library of Congress files

For my American readers, you may be interested in a recent post on CalculatedRisk where CR graphs the recent BLS data on unemployment. The interesting things for you are the positive states: North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska and Virginia. And possibly Vermont.

Oklahoma looks pretty good to me too, having just talked to my old friends in Michigan.

Another interesting place is ShadowStats to see what the “real” unemployment picture looks like. It puts Michigan much higher than 25%. Which exceeds the Great Depression rates.

Then again, according to Shadow Stats, the US as a whole is pretty much already there.

Chart of U.S. Unemployment

The discrepancy between the ShadowStat and the BLS official is getting broader, while the BLS Broadest is getting closer to the ShadowStat.

Add to this the economists’ prediction that those without work will continue to be out of work while the employed make even more money and you have the fuel for civil violence inside the richest nation on earth.

If you’re getting desperate, you may want to look at the Dakotas. Yes, it’s bleak in the winter. But the people are generally good to folks and the jobs seem secure. The Dakotas are depopulating but still have great opportunities outside of the farm/ranch sector.

Did you know that you can get a Skype dial-in number in North Dakota? And you can get a Dakota-based dropbox that forwards your mail? Local phone and address may go a long way if you are really looking.

The other advise here is there are still not enough high-stratum people to fill the jobs available. There is hope but it is going to cost you the wrongheaded thinking that you’ve been living on for so many years.

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