Wilfred Brown, ca. 1970. From the Glacier Institute of Management's film series

Exploration in Management: Free training by Wilfred Brown on requisite organizations

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The most important CEO management thinker you’ve never heard ofLord Wilfred Brown, Managing Director (CEO) of Glacier Metal Company in the UK — gives you the lowdown on how organizations can be structured to create trust, democracy and shareholder value in this amazing management film training series from the early 1970s.

This isn’t some pie-in-the-sky theory from an academic but something tried-and-true, developed over Brown’s tenure as Managing Director from 1937 to

I put this together to advertise the Exploration in Management film series by the Glacier Institute of Management, now FREE at the GO Society (registration required). It’s no longer available as a DVD, only through the web: I should update my video.

Hear the most important CEO you’ve never heard about, Glacier Metal Company’s Wilfred Brown, talk about the Glacier model for himself.

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