Mary McQueen on Dragon’s Den: 2HiPo on National TV

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Did you know that one of my raving fans and frequent commenters, Mary McQueen, appeared on the CBC show, Dragons’ Den? It’s like the American Shark Tank, where entrepreneurs make a pitch before a team of investors trying to get money. Mary pitched her brilliant Hand & Beak business: she makes greeting cards with her lovebird partner, Luigi. No, he’s a real lovebird, one with feathers and beak and a perch. I’m not sure that I’ve mentioned her here, even though I’ve talked this up everywhere else.

Mary was brilliant and got the money. See her pitch to see why! (You may have to be in Canada to view.)

She also appeared on Toronto’s morning shows:

[UPDATE!] Here’s her March designs:

Mary McQueen & Luigi's March card collection -

I used her cards as my first Christmas card, and was one of her first corporate customers. She’s brilliant, funny and the cards are cool. Highly recommended!

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