Moore, Oklahoma and My Family

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Yesterday, a massive tornado hit the Oklahoma City area, concentrated on Moore, OK. This just one day after a tornado ripped through Edmond and other cities. We think about these things because my wife is from OKC, and she had family in Moore and Edmond.

Today, we’re just thankful that everyone is safe. Her brother-in-law was able to clean off his SUV and make it from Moore to Edmond, where his wife and kids had been visiting with our brother-in-law’s family. It only took four hours to do the 30 mile trip.

Perhaps last week times seemed hard in the trials of this life. Today what matters to my nieces is that their Daddy is safe. At that Edmond house last night there was much rejoicing.

My prayers are with those who have lost a father, a mother, a brother, a sister, or a child to this horrible force of nature. Today, we’re all Okies.

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