Luis enrique Osorio at his typewriter in 1922 (from Osorio family album)

Writing a Level 3 Résumé / C.V.

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Almost everything that experts tell you about putting together a résumé falls apart for hidden high potentials (2HiPo’s) because the same rules don’t apply. A great example is the advice these “résumé / CV” experts give you regarding your work history: “make it in bullet points!” Which is fine if you are at Stratum 1 or Stratum 2. But the …

So You’re an Underemployed High-Potential….

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I’ve been attending the Global Conference on Org Design here in Toronto, and some of the things that the speakers here have been saying will be relevant to all of y’all who are high-potentials who languish in underemployment with bosses who think much smaller than you do. You’re in your thirties and weren’t tapped as the Golden Boy or Girl …

Effective Listening for Leaders and for Life

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Do we really listen? How are effective, or ineffective, listening skills affecting your organization, the people who are employed by the organization and the results they deliver? Expanded further how are your listening skills affecting your life? Let’s start with the premise that we really don’t listen at all. Or, as a minimum at best we listen to what we …

Performance Reviews and Pay

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Let me come clean: I have never had a good experience in any formal performance review. I tend towards the “tell me what you want me to do and let me do it” mindset. Whenever I have managed employees, I have always believed that if you didn’t know how you were doing at least every week, I wasn’t doing my …

Job Security or Job Satisfaction

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Job Security or Job Satisfaction? Of course the objective is obtaining employment that provides both job security and job satisfaction, yet what is one to do when he or she is left weighing off one versus the other? The preference is this will be a conjunctive conversation and not a disjunctive one…the “and” versus “or” distinction! We wish to hear …

New PeopleFit Class

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For those who are interested in RO but know little, here is a great introductory course led by Glenn Mehltretter and Michelle Carter of PeopleFit. I’ve gone to one of their classes before and it was one of the best training classes I’ve ever attended. It even rivaled my own, which is high praise coming from such a fathead as …

Knowledge Sharing

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An article by James Roberson (“CMb 2004–16: ‘Knowledge sharing’ should be avoided“) got me thinking about the problems inherent in the dictive to share knowledge. You know what happens: the boss, who is too small to be your real boss even though he’s your boss’s boss, gathers everyone together and points out that y’all missed some great opportunities because what …

Another High Moder

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I could probably take over a large part of the powerbase in the world with these men and women. Or at least pull a Cecil Rhodes and determine history for the next 100 years or so. I do need a hobby and that would provide me with endless entertainment.

Coding CIP Too Low For Strategic Thinkers

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Recently I coded a interview with a young programmer for Complexity o Information Processing. This should give a good idea of where someone sits on Jaques’s charts, to be checked against the actual work peformance of the person. I am qualified (but not certified) to determine Strata 1-3, with a possible on 4. Unfortunately, almost everyone that I have coded …

The Great Ravenna Boulevard Sinkhole, 1957. Seattle Municipal Archives (CC BY 2.0)

SUCBAR With All Your Might! How to Screw Up your Career Beyond All Recognition

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Are you a young, high-potential? Do your coworkers roll their eyes when you try to talk about something you see as a risk down the road? Do you tell yourself “Sometimes you have to do things that you don’t want to do” to justify staying in your position? Does your job bore you silly?

Then you might already be well on your way to screwing up your career beyond all recognition!