Is Emotional Intelligence a Bankrupt Concept?

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In a recent comment to a Jim Heskett post on Harvard Business School’s Working Knowledge blog (“Neuro Economics: Science or Science Fiction?“), Dick Meza of Chapman University College said: Emotional Intelligence in the past few years has had to suffer through similar scrutiny like “The Fadification of Emotional Intelligence” or “Business Susceptibility to Consulting Fads: The Case of EI.” Both …

“It is often not the job that burns you out, but the organization.”

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InformIT has an interesting article on recent research out of Wharton by Sigal Barsade and Lakshmi Ramarajan (“More than Job Demands or Personality, Lack of Organizational Respect Fuels Employee Burnout” Dec 8, 2006). Barsade and Ramarajan were especially interested in health care because many of the lower-level jobs in that industry tend to be difficult, and because a lot of …

Using Mobile Phone Numbers For ID

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In an attempt to thwart spammers, Google Mail has started using mobile phone numbers to provide customers with gmail invitations. This is an interesting development, one that has been predicted for at least since the miniaturizaion of mobile telephones. With number portability in the United States, this finally becomes a possibility for many corporations. Mobile numbers stay with you. Although …

Paul Graham on Startups

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Paul Graham has written his thoughts on what it takes to startup a sustainable company. It’s worth reading, as is a good deal of his writings. Graham’s an interesting guy: trained as a painter in Italy with a PhD in CompSci from Harvard.

India and China in pact

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J sent me this article on the improving relations between China and India. When I went to the colloquiom on leading multi-cultural change (new associate coming out of that; stay tuned for an announcement here), I heard an earful on this from the Indians present. India needs stable relations with China simply because of proximity. The fact that the United …

Building the Prosperity of the New Global Community via Work Organizations

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It is imperative as the new millennium evolves that we understand why people work, what they set forth to derive from their work, how they behave as an expression of their level of satisfaction obtained at work, and the accountabilities of managerial (and parliamentarian) leadership, in creating conditions within the workplace that set forth to satisfy fundamental and evolving human …

New PeopleFit Class

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For those who are interested in RO but know little, here is a great introductory course led by Glenn Mehltretter and Michelle Carter of PeopleFit. I’ve gone to one of their classes before and it was one of the best training classes I’ve ever attended. It even rivaled my own, which is high praise coming from such a fathead as …

Another High Moder

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I could probably take over a large part of the powerbase in the world with these men and women. Or at least pull a Cecil Rhodes and determine history for the next 100 years or so. I do need a hobby and that would provide me with endless entertainment.