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The Natural Argument for Selling Requisite Organization

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After reading Harald Solaas’s article, “Why Requisite Organization (RO) Theory Is So Difficult to Understand”, I’m pretty convinced that he’s right: the starting point for describing Requisite Organization is not mental processing — yes, it is pretty cool, even then — but that Requisite Organization represents how people naturally want to organise in hierarchies. Requisite Organization is an emergent function …

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Time Span of Discretion Matters, and not Complexity

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Time Span of Discretion is what determines the size of the role, and not some measure of “complexity”. Harald Solaas, who wrote a comment to “Does Requisite Organization Really Work Over the Weekend?“, has written an article entitled “Why Is Requisite Organization (RO) Theory So Difficult to Understand?.” In it, he relates the following story about working with Elliot Jaques …