Mining Your Lower Ranks for Future Executives

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Why is this such a new thought to people? One of the best places to find cheap high-potentials without all of the baggage of an MBA (CEOs who are MBA substantially underperform CEOs who rose through the ranks by a substantial margin) is under you nose. Well, actually it’s under you in the organisational chart. If I were a manager, …

Rugby Union players from Charters Towers (1904). Via Queensland State Library, collection.

Notes on W.L. Gore & Associates

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Yes, there is a point to all of this. The key article is the business case study from Huizenga Business School at Nova Southeastern. Very handy. W.L. Gore & Associates is the fave of most postmodern organizational theorists, who see the company’s lack of official hierarchy as the true networked organization. I believe that Gore has a great culture, but …

Roadside stand near Birmingham Alabama (1936). FSA photograph by Walker Evans. Via Library of Congress collection.

Requisite Organization Lens On Software Development vs Maintenance

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Some time ago, Gordon had an interesting comment about a couple of posts (see “Getting Work Done at the Right Level” and “Ready, Fire, Aim”: Intuition, Analysis and Tacit vs. Explicit Knowledge). I wanted to finally get around to addressing some of his points. I’m reading this just after reading your “Ready, Fire, Aim…” post, and just wondering “how do …

What If You Were CEO? A Thought Experiment

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A friend asked this question: “Well, if you were CEO, how would you do it?” Good question. This is a random thought experiment using the companies that I have experience with, mostly large multi-billion dollar companies, some based in the States and some in Europe, ranging from 15,000 (for a subdiary) to 100,000 employees, although the sites I was at …

Quiet Leadership

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Jon pointed out “Managing Quietly” [Leader to Leader, 12 (Spring 1999): 24-30], one of the few articles by Henry Mintzberg available online. It talks about the fact that the loud, glossy CEOs who become darlings of the business press, do not in fact perform all that well. Quiet leaders, whom you never hear about, do much better. It’s worth a …