Tell me your favorite posts and you could win an hour of consulting worth $200!

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UPDATE: Contest extended until Tuesday, 2013 March 26, at 11:59 PM Chicago local time. ALSO! Votes by email and Facebook now allowed by popular demand!

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To all my readers:

I’ve been asked to provide a professional society with three or four great blog posts for them to repost. It gives them some nonstandard content and gives me some exposure so it’s win-win!

The problem: I’m not sure what to include.

So I’m looking for your help.

If you have a favorite entry on the Requisite Reading site (or its predecessor), leave me a comment referring to it below. Everyone who leaves a comment will be entered to win an hour of my consulting via telephone or Skype. You could get some coaching in your executive role. Or you can gain some insight into your career progression. I’ll even review or presentations for you. Or edit your dissertation, build your website, whatever. Your choice.

Just make sure that you put your correct email address into the email box. It will not be displayed.

If you don’t want an hour, how about a copy of Organization Design, Levels of Work and Human Capability, for which I provided “writing consulting”.

(Rules: Open to anyone not in my immediate family and who doesn’t work for The Manasclerk Company. Winner chosen by a random number generator, probably in Excel; or, if there are exactly 20 entries, the roll of a 20-sided die! Comments must be made before the close of the contest. UPDATE: Contest entries may also be made via email at manasclerk / at sign / gmail. Contest entries are made by leaving a comment that includes a reference to a blog post on this site or its predecessor. Reference to this post will disqualify the entry. You can make references to multiple blog entries. You can make up to three comments, so it’s better to make one reference per comment. Winner will be chosen after Friday, March 22, 2013, at 10PM Tuesday, 2013 March 26, at 11:59 PM local Chicago time. The decisions of the judges are final. I’m not responsible for what happens if you win or lose. So please don’t have a heart attack if I contact you. If the email announcing the winner bounces, I will choose a new winner. Sorry. If you win and choose the book, you have to give me your address, which will not be used for any other purpose and will be discarded once the package arrives.)

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  1. I think you should do the one about the woman who was on Dragons Den. I don’t remember what is was called. (I want the free hour!)

  2. The one about why Jacques’ work won’t survive was interesting but mostly because it had good comments. The post was okay.

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  8. I’ll have to think more on it, but i’ll say, one of my favorites is the one about finding a well fitting job by first tracking down the right fitting boss.

  9. “Knowing who you are can get you out of underachievement” was my favourite post–that post, including Andrew’s piece on Stress and the Working Journey, has made a difference to my life. And then your follow up post, “working where you don’t fit can make you sick” really nailed the problem for me. Life changing. Nevermind that I’m mentioned in both posts! And if I happen to win the contest I will give the prize to the nice lady, Helen Cantor, who commented above!!

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    I’m in a magnanimous mood! EVERYBODY has won and all should have prizes!

    Everyone who has submitted on this blog or the other methods will get a free hour of consulting. You can even give it away!

    Congratulations and thank you all so very much.

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