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For those of you who care, I’m spending the summer in Seattle at the behest of a fellow (much larger) investor in a Green startup up in Vancouver. He thinks it’s in the best interest of both the startup and my family to bug out to the Northwest. Where I am currently enjoying a “sunny” day that seems to be …

Seattle, Here I Come!

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The cobbler’s children go unshod. — Old Russian proverb   I’ve told you for years (if you’ve been paying attention) that you can’t force people wanting what you have to offer. That you can’t change certain parts of who you are. That when people don’t want what you have to offer — either due to working below your worklevel, fighting …

My Google Failure, and Thoughts on Elliott Jaques

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It seems that I’ve done something here to upset Google. Back when I started writing about Dr. Elliott Jaques, my blog was #3 when you searched for “elliott jaques”, right after his own Requisite Organization and Art Kleiner’s excellent introductory article on the man and his stratified systems theory. Now it’s #76. It’s clear that somehow I’ve done something wrong, …

Updating Old Posts

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I’ve been writing about work levels and stratified systems theory since 2003, just after I started writing this blog. Some of these older posts are great, full of wonderful information that you’ll no doubt find useful. Other posts are clearly wrongheaded: I had much to learn. My clean up is just to get rid of some of the problems in …

Bing! New search comes to Requisite Writing

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I’ve finally figured out that Google Custom Search hates my weblog templates: it’s been broken, apparently for months. I’ve now replaced it with Bing! from Microsoft. Give it a try and see if you don’t get much better search results than you had been getting. There is still some integration work to be done. It would be nice to be …

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends north of the border. If your holiday is as great as ours, here’s SCTV’s “20 Depressing Hits by Connie Franklin” to help you celebrate.

Podcast update: Jack Fallow interview

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The Manasclerk Company, along with the Secret Rules of Career Success, is adding a podcast called “The Killer App”. Yesterday I added an interview with Jack Fallow. Jack was founder Chairman of GasForce, a company created when its employees bought out the group from British Gas. Yes, an employee-owned company that followed the Glacier Metal Company model.

Admin: Recovery Means Reposts

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If you’ve been seeing 20-30 updates on the RSS feed from Requisite Writing, it’s because I’m trying to recover the site. I did something stupid and lost 200 posts on Friday night. My backups for the last months were all zero bytes so no use at all. I’ve recovered as much as I can (database up to March) and then …

Welcome, Calandra!

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The Manasclerk Company welcomes our summer intern, Calandra. Calandra is a student at Hope College, and has already added value. She’ll be working a bit on the Secret Rules of Career Success website but will mostly focus on helping me corral the 28 MB of HTML text in 750 posts I have from the original weblog and the 550 some …