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On Monday, 2006 March 20, we will be doing some minor site maintenance from noon to 14:00 GMT. We apologize for the inconvenience.

How To Do a Conference Right For Executives And Consultants Both

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One of the potential problems that the GO Society faced in their recent conference in Toronto was how to mix three disparate groups: consultants, who are always trying to convince someone to pay them money; academics, who would like to get someone to pay them money which they will then squander on research; and business people who have to use …

Global RO Conference: First Report

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So, I am attending the Global Org Design Conference in Toronto, Ontario this week. It’s a working conference: I’m filming the sessions. Something that can actually get quite tiring. Right now I’m beat after just two days of filming. Harder than I recalled. There are some wonderful people here. I finally met Barry and Sheila Deane from Australia. Barry and …

New PeopleFit Class

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For those who are interested in RO but know little, here is a great introductory course led by Glenn Mehltretter and Michelle Carter of PeopleFit. I’ve gone to one of their classes before and it was one of the best training classes I’ve ever attended. It even rivaled my own, which is high praise coming from such a fathead as …

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PeopleFit’s Course on “Assessing Raw Talent”

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So, I returned from the PeopleFit course on how to assess raw talent through CIP evaluations. Wow. What a great class. Hands down the best course that I have ever attended. I’ll be unpacking the various things I learned, including how much I got from the other people in the class over the next few days. There are several things, …

Elliott Jaques

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Why the hell hasn’t anyone ever told me about Elliott Jaques?! This stuff is gold, like seeing the world from the air for the first time.