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Each Level of Work Has Its Own Key Value (Jack Fallow)

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Jack Fallow had an excellent article in the recent GO Society book, Organization Design, Levels of Work and Human Capability: Executive Guide (“On Being Heard: Insights from complexity theory and values as touchstones for effective executive communication across the levels”). In it, Jack talks about the values that followers seem to expect from a leader who is supposed to be …

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Why Rewarding Competitiveness Is Stupid If You Want To Make Money

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Here’s a repost from 2006 that didn’t make it over. It describes a set of studies that so disturb the basic religion of MBA that it required replication across the world to get published. With minor revisions. American business rewards competitiveness. That may seem like a know-nothing statement. Markets reward people with the best product. Most people in America believe …

Lord Wilfred Brown’s Training Films Now Available Online

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The GO Society has quietly put up the Exploration in Management training films. These films, produced for the Glacier Institute of Management and narrated by Lord Wilfred Brown, the retired Managing Director of Glacier Metal Company and Prochancellor of Brunel University, show how the radical ideas Brown developed with Dr. Jaques work from a manager’s point of view. I’m glad …

Blagojevich: Why Wilfred Brown's Ideas Still Work

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“The combination of arrogance and stupidity that would prompt him to continue in these types of behaviors is just stunning,” Dr. [Kent Redfield, a professor of political science at the University of Illinois at Springfield,] said . “There’s no feedback loop or reality check.” [source] If you haven’t been following it, Illinois Governor Rob Blagojevich (known widely as “Blago”) has …

Wilfred Brown film series: Excerpt

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I’ve been talking about how Wilfred Brown, management (heck, all-round) genius, made this series of films in the 1970s. Here’s an excerpt I pulled from the first film. This gives you a flavor of the series. The information is fascinating, especially when you know that Brown actually implemented these ideas at Glacier Metal Company.

Plus you get to hear Mr. Brown say “hear-ar-ky”.

Reforming CEO Compensation

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There’s a lot in the press these days about the irresponsibility of CEOs who lied, covered-up and generally made a lot of cash while destroying billions of dollars of value. For example, here’s something from the Vault’s article on “Are CEO’s Ready To Face Career Instability?“: As [reviled Lehman Brothers CEO] Richard Fuld’s Congressional testimony aptly underscores, if ever a …

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Incentive-Based Compensation Destroys Productivity

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Wall Street Online (through Yahoo!) is reporting that the stock market has had a major affect on the main compensation method in many industries: incentives. Unless the market increases substantially, with the DJI running back up towards 12 000 or 13 000, the options that were granted for the last five years are not worth what they were optioned at, …