Paris: Horsedrawn omnibus on avenue des gobelins.

ANN: Recording new video classes

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Tomorrow I am going off to a decent site, with hopefully some better mics than I have, to record a couple of new videos for sale at the store. I will do at least one that is pretty much what I give my coaching clients to start these days. It will be priced low enough to be accessible to everyone …

Belgian royal conservatory's dome, interior with sun. (c) E. Forrest Christian

Does Fluid Intelligence / IQ Matter?

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(This continues our discussion about intelligence / IQ testing. Read part 1, Intelligence Testing & IQ: What it is, isn’t.) The big issue with intelligence tests is this general mental ability (GMA or g) that they measure. This is mostly “fluid intelligence”. It means how quickly you can solve a unique problem. You would think that it would correlate with …

Is there a Seminary Education Bubble?

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Jerry Bowyer has written a very popular pair of blog post at on what he sees as an overlooked piece of the education bubble he has written about for years: the Seminary Bubble (and part 2). It’s interesting here because (1) it’s a bubble that because it has a restricted market illustrates the general problems for MBAs, law degrees, …

Man raising his eyebrow. ? 2008 Lee J Haywood. Via Flickr. (CC BY-SA 2.0)

You Change Your Mind – And That’s Not Normal

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If you’re old enough to bother reading this, you likely can look over your life and see the points at which you have changed your mind. Or finessed one of your pet theories of life. To you this seems like a normal process, one that comes with aging and growing. It’s not. You’re weird. And it makes people see you …

Gov. Martin Henry Glynn with his secretary, Frank Tierney ca. 1913, By Bain News Service via Library of Congress

The Power of Mentoring (And Why You Didn’t Get It)

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[updated 2013 August 29] Did you ever think that the reason why you didn’t get a mentor was that it was almost impossible to mentor you? A good mentoring relationship requires you to share a growth trajectory in how you handle complexity. Most people’s capacity for handling complex work issues increases over time along predictable paths once in their 20s. …

Church near Junction City, Kansas. ca. 1942. John Vachon, photographer. US Library of Congress collection.

There Is No Single Best Model for Church Organization

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As I continue my exploration of Christian church organization, specifically focusing on U.S. evangelicals, I need to make something clear from the outset: There is no single, perfect organizational model for all churches. You would think that this is obvious but it’s not. It’s not even obvious in business management. Elliott Jaques’s ideas of Real Boss and work levels is …

Manhattan Bridge under construction-1909

Megachurches are Liturgical

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This starts my new thing on Evangelical church organization. If you’re not interested in American Evangelicals, you may be lost. Megachurches are most highly liturgical of any church. Those with televised satellite churches are even more so. Confused? Thought that megachurches eschewed liturgy for free and loose? Here’s why I say this. Liturgy is the branding of the church of …

Why You Need Native Writers: ICBC China’s Embarrassing Recruitment Page

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Here’s a good lesson demonstrating why you need native speakers to help you write your materials when working abroad, especially in non-Western languages. The illustration comes from the other way around, the world’s largest bank. This is ICBC China’s attempt at English in an official recruiting site: Our leading enterprise needs excellent talent, and excellent talent also looks forward to …