New Directions Require A New Name

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You might have noticed a subtle change on the name. It’s a harbinger of coming changes. Over the next month, everything at The Manasclerk Company will be undergoing a major (and much needed) overhaul to bring us inline with our original vision. I’ve let the company drift away from what the vision I originally had. Some of you are going …

Greybox Really Is a Popup Window That Doesn’t Suck

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I’ve been evaluating several technologies for a small web project I’m working. One of the things that I’ve seen lately are these popup windows that display on top of the original page, graying out the original and “floating” on top of it. There are several neat implementations of this for images but I needed to popup little informational windows, something …

New Upgrade, Different Look

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I’ll work this out sooner or later, but I haven’t gotten around to it. (When I was a kid, my mom gave me a wooden coin labeled “toit” just so that I, in her words, “got a round toit.”) Anyway, this is now black and white for no good reason.

New Upgrade, New Breaks

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I should change to a managed server. The new upgrade has broken things again (for example, Al Gorman is now the author of everything) and I’ll have to figure things out. It may be that my provider is automatically handling updates, which breaks my site. Anyway, enjoy the retro look for a few days until I get back and fix …

An Announcement: New Affiliation

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I’ve joined a new company run by Warren Kinston to bring his voluminous set intellectual tools to a broader audience. We had been talking since the end of the Toronto conference and decided that it was a good time to pull the trigger on the startup. For a good idea of what we will be bringing out (in a more …

Comments Repaired

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We’ve been having problems with the comments. Basically, you had to be a registered user to comment. Since that hasn’t really reduced the amount of spam that hits here (it staggers the mind) I’ve gotten that turned back off. It wasn’t meant to be on in the first place. User error again.

Global Organization Design Conference 2007: highly recommened

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The bi-annual Global Organization Design Conference is coming up in Toronto, July 16-19. Subtitled “Designing Organizations for Value-Creation, Sustainability, and Social Well-Being”, the conference proved to be of value to me two years ago. The bullshit level is amazingly low for conference. People are there who are using the theory in their own organizations, from large multinationals to entrepreneurial operations …

In Which We Announce Our Return From Summer Holidays

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The Manasclerk Company, hosts of this blog, took some time off (as they are wont to do) this summer to do some analysis and other business-y stuff. Good that I don’t actually make any money off of this or I would have to care. I’m just glad to have this space back. Administratively, updates have been done to the various …

Revamping: Back Soon

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The Manasclerk Company, the hosts of this blog, is undergoing a reboot. We’ll be back by the end of the summer. Enjoy the break.