Trusted Advisor and Technical Consulting

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The managers from a consulting firm I work with are sold on the “trusted advisor” idea. This comes from The Trusted Advisor by Charles Green, David Maister and Rob Galford (Free Press, 2000). They bantered this around in my friend’s performance review. I actually believe that trusted advisor ideas and “techniques” are solid, money-making and morally good. Unfortunately, I’m not …

Forecasting through Role Playing

E. Forrest Christian Risk Management Leave a Comment For example. Kesten C. Green has a great paper on the efficacy of role playing vs. game theory vs. individual assessment for conflicts involving small numbers of parties with a lot at stake. He finds that role playing is the only forecasting method he tested that actually predicts what will happen. Green did a study of how well …

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Project Management Methodologists vs. Theorists

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Project management in software is hard for a variety of reasons. In the December 3, 2003 edition of the Application Developer Management e-newsletter, Scott Withrow tackled “Selecting a Project Manager”. While he is speaking of specifically ones for software development projects, his thoughts could represent the thinking of a range of business functions. Unfortunately, he gets a couple of points …

Elliott Jaques on the importance of work in our lives

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Been perusing Executive Leadership. Jaques says about our work being important: The simple fact is that managerial organizations have become the most important of the social institutions of the modern free enterprise democratic society. Consider their impact. In the economically developed nations anywhere from 75% to over 90% of those who work for a living, do so for a wage …

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The Oral Culture of the Professional Intellectuals: How Consultants Can Learn

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If professionals have this higher form of knowledge, how it is best transmitted? Most firms want training — “how to” lessons. But what growing professionals need is learning opportunities. My wife used to be a professor (before retiring early) and we still hang with young professors. We were at one’s house yesterday for lunch (roast chick with fresh bread: mmmmmm!) …

Elliott Jaques

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Why the hell hasn’t anyone ever told me about Elliott Jaques?! This stuff is gold, like seeing the world from the air for the first time.